2016 State of the Curbside Report: "Public Action" Stars of Recycling
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Date start05/25/2017 06:00 PM (876 days ago)
Date end05/25/2017 07:30 PM (876 days ago)

In its inaugural State of Curbside Report, The Recycling Partnership identifies key attributes of the highest-performing cities (those collecting more than 400 pounds per household, per year) for recovering recyclables curbside in the U.S.  One common attribute that the cities shared was that each community had some sort of public action to support recycling.

What is a "public action?" It's a term that refers to a trigger or tool that a local government implements to influence curbside recycling collection. Examples of this can include 1) having a licensing agreement or franchise that mandates recycling collection be provided with garbage collection, 2) delivering a container to every home in the community and mandating automatic collection, or 3) other action or policy that supports recycling and includes it in every household's service.

In this Webinar, The Recycling Partnership will share details and data from its far-ranging State of Curbside Report. Representatives of three high-performing cities -- Florence, Alabama; Madison, Wisconsin; and Portland, Oregon -- will share how their communities brought recycling to its residents in a way that makes them public action stars of recycling.

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