Food Waste Solutions: Donate What you Can, Compost the Rest
Zero Waste Connection
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Date start06/24/2015 06:00 PM (1698 days ago)
Date end06/24/2015 07:00 PM (1698 days ago)

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Concessions are a crucial element of sports events. While the number of options available to fans has risen considerably over the last several years, one thing has remained constant: a substantial amount of food waste when the event is over. Today, many organizations are making impressive efforts to divert food from the landfill with two key strategies: food donation and composting.

Prepared and untouched food need not be ‘waste’ at all—it can be donated to local food banks and provide a much needed community benefit. And all the hot dogs, nachos, and fancier stuff that fans dig into but don’t finish provide excellent material for compost—becoming something of value rather than (a lot of) added volume to the landfill haul. Also, the amount of waste sent to landfill really plummets when the plates and cutlery used at the venue are made of BPI certified compostable materials and sent to an industrial compost facility. This approach to food waste is a true ‘triple bottom line’ winner—economically, socially, and environmentally.

On this webinar, we will hear two case studies on comprehensive food waste programs from Green Sports Alliance members in partnership with NatureWorks.  

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