Purchasing for Zero Waste
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Date start09/15/2016 07:00 PM (1156 days ago)
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Procurement and purchasing habits can make or break a Zero Waste program. On the next USZWBC webinar, they will discuss purchasing basics and how to create effective Zero Waste in-house purchasing policies to prevent waste generation at the start. Speakers will cover examples of purchasing actions and contracts already implemented in their business and how it helped them on the road to Zero Waste. Attendees will take away resources on how to establish a purchasing policy and how they can use that policy to impact contracts in a way that will lead to a strong Zero Waste program.

Speakers include:

  • Marialyce Pedersen,┬áSenior Representative, Walt Disney Company Corporate Citizenship
  • Molly Ray, Senior Manager of Sustainability, Office Depot, Inc.

Registration: $50 for Nonmembers, Free for Members

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