Zero Waste Business Workshop
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Tulare, California United States
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Please join me at the  

Zero Waste Business Workshop   

Thursday, May 25, 2017  

Tulare, CA


What is Zero Waste? Is it possible? How do I get started? Does it cost money‎? 


This workshop provides the basics for businesses who are just starting their recycling programs or who want to take their programs to the next level.   U.S. Zero Waste Business Council past President Gary Liss will show attendees the importance of measuring what is wasted, and tracking reuse, recycling and composting programs; how to plan for more waste diversion; and highlight examples of businesses that have already decreased their waste bills dramatically by diverting over 90% from landfills, incineration and the environment.   


This workshop is appropriate for both small and large businesses alike.  

¨Kick start your Zero Waste Program  

¨Go Zero Waste without breaking the bank  

¨Cut trash costs and generate more recycling revenues 

¨Find out why businesses are embracing sustainability 

¨Learn how to become a Zero Waste Business 


Valley Go Green, May 25th 8am-4pm, Tulare, CA. The biggest Green Building Conference and EXPO in the San Joaquin Valley focuses on Pathways to Zero Net Energy, Water and Waste.  Learn how you can innovate, save resources, time and money by rethinking your approach to use energy, water and waste.  This one-day conference brings value to community and business leaders, schools, cities and municipalities, architects, engineers and construction professionals and others that want to get ready for the future and learn how to increase the efficiency or their buildings, operations and construction projects.


Tickets are $45 for general admission, with discounts for students and emerging professionals. AIA and GBCI CEU's will be provided. 


More information at Space is limited.

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