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Together the USDA and U.S. EPA announced the United States’ first-ever national food waste reduction goal, calling for a 50-percent reduction by 2030.
1005 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) announced the approval of a strategic partnership to develop and offer a Zero Waste Principles and Practices course and certification program throughout the United States and Canada.
1031 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
The United States Conference of Mayors adopts a resolution, "In Support of Municipal Zero Waste Principles and a Hierarchy of Materials Management".
1068 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) adopts comprehensive Zero Waste Hierarchy.
1196 days ago · From Andy Bray
Upstream is a big advocate of extended producer responsibility. And with that in mind, the Athens, GA.-based environmental group is out with a new paper entitled “Advancing Local Government’s Interests through Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging.”
1286 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
MassRecycle is accepting abstracts for potential presentations for our 2015 R3 Recycling & Organics Conference & Trade Show.
1304 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
MassDEP Commissioner David Cash celebrates the roll-out of the Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban on the “Full Harvest Tour”. Commissioner Cash visited a variety of institutions and businesses to promote the food waste ban.
1304 days ago · From NEWMOA Admin
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