Building Materials Reuse Association

The Building Material Reuse Association is an educational and research organization whose mission is to advance the recovery, reuse and recycling of building materials. 

BMRA Goals include:

  • Reduce the consumption of new resources
  • Reduce landfill waste and pollution
  • Create value-added markets and increase cost-effectiveness
  • Expand job opportunities and workforce development skills
  • Promote the sustainability of communities and the environment through resource preservation

What We Stand For: We are increasing opportunities for the recovery and reuse of building materials in an environmentally sound and financially sustainable way. Objectives of the BMRA

  • Providing opportunities for Members and other interested parties to share information and increase knowledge and understanding of deconstruction and reuse of building materials.
  • Educating the construction and demolition industry, the general public, institutional and governmental organizations about:
    • Benefits of deconstructing buildings for reuse and recycling ways that used building materials may stimulate economic activity via new markets and job creation while also promoting environmental benefits.
    • Certifications and standards that will increase the marketability, value and use of reclaimed building materials in new and renovation construction projects.
    • And conducting research and creating new knowledge that enhances BMRA's educational and environmental mission.
09/16/2014 (1979 days ago)
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